100 Word Challenge Week #13

One day a giraffe and his friend giraffe #2 were wandering on the African plains when they spotted a huge group of rhino's were coming at them. Then they looked to the right and there were tons of lions slowly creeping up on them. They would have ran away but they were exhausted from running away from wild dogs. So instead of running they started putting their legs onto a tree. It didn't snap so they put their whole body onto the tree, it still didn't break. When the rhino's and lions caught up to them, they rolled over laughing because they'd treed giraffe's.

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

Josh was hanging out with his friend when they decided to ride their bicycles. They were just going to ride around the school when they decided to ride their bikes up a hill and they were going really fast ...but it seemed to be going backwards... and then they started calling for help. They started trying to go faster but the wheels just kept on going in reverse. When they finally got to the bottom of the hill they just managed to stop it. They never rode their bicycles again.